Planned Placement Referrals Process


Placement Prospect Assessment (Responsible Individual and Registered Manager)

• Upon receipt of referral paperwork (and any further information from agencies supporting the prospective referral) the matching process will begin, a thorough Impact Risk Assessment is carried out to inform a decision on whether the child/young person’s needs are relative to the capacity of service and what, if any, impact there would be on other children and young peoples who live at the home.

• Discussions will be facilitated with already settled young people in the home, as well as the staff team to discuss the prospective admission. The outcome of the meeting confirms whether or not we progress to the 2nd Stage.


Introduction and Fact-Finding Registered Manager Visit (Registered Manager and Team Member)

• If appropriate the Registered Manager (with another staff member) will arrange to visit the young person in their current home to meet and introduce themselves • This provides us with an opportunity to outline/scope our provision and service.

• We will encourage, support, and arrange for the young person and their parent/Carer or Social Worker to have an informal visit to the home. This affords them an opportunity to look around their potential new home and meet some of the staff as well as the other young people.

• A positive visit outcome where both the child and our staff team take a view that the placement will best serve the prospective young person’s interests, would result in the referral progressing to 3rd Stage.


Key Worker Identification and Pre-Admission Care and Placement Planning Meeting (Young Person, Social Worker and Staff Team)

• When suitable, an opportunity for further visits will be offered. • Putting the child/young person at the forefront of their care planning, a Key Worker will be identified in a process of consultation involving the child/young person and their Social Worker.

• Arrangements for a pre-admission care and placement plan meeting will be organised.